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Government of Florida 2020

Establishment of RULE Continuum to
guide administration of Florida.

Welcome to the Natural RULE.

Government of Florida 2020 Become a Citizen

Welcome to the Government of Florida, of America.
  • You are a free man by consent.
  • You are permitted to be free, this includes the defense of the skies or waters, soils, life, prosperity agreements, your land, yourself and family, community and more.
  • The government of florida is a belief of natural goverance relative to other men who have various methods of law or adminstration within the same territory, and referencing a government as understood from a natural logic.
  • We do not offer non natural citizenship, we do however, research natural governance and work to convey properly such work. The path to citizenship should be through established channels, including that of the native governments or the estabiished structure for the state of florida for such an achievement.
  • The Governances and the RULE are indicated among those men aspiring to understand multiple governments competing in a single territory, from that learned natural perspective for arguement.
  • This fellow is building a seat of the Elluminous in Florida.
  • Administration.governmentofanarch.com is also available! (Our affiliation with the World Government.
  • The natural RULE is understood by this governor relative to management. GoA Leadership Training, Achievement +1.
United States of America and the State of Florida
  • Has prisons and state compliance police.
  • Is an exclusive state membership.
  • degenerates, criminals, labeled persons, etc... Can not participate, vote, etc.
  • Self defense from alleged authority not permitted.
  • Freedom is dependent on action that does not incur exclusivity.
  • Is taxed.
  • Corrects people such that they act in manner to avoid further compliance efforts.
  • Routinely uses freedom not permitted each other person. etc.
Government of America and the Government of Florida
  • Is a free state and national system. Period.
  • Is not immediately exclusive, exclusivity forces to SoF.
  • Uses prosperity agreements to argue. A recommendation for arguement.
  • Is not taxed.
  • Must be a strong individual or group.
  • Is comparable to natural ecosystem.
  • Is the only place to go when excluded from state or native governments.
  • Can choose arguement.
Both maps are shaped like Florida.

  • Authorities for the Government of Florida as an individual and as a state are established systemically since 1999, by actions of the United States Government employees, State of Florida employees, residents, non-residents, intelligence, and military.
  • Bank, Authority. (currency model oversight)).
    /Coin (bank.governmentofflorida.com)
  • Department of Defense (FLDOD,) Authority. (Intelligence of Military Oversight)
    /FLDOD (fldod.governmentofflorida.com)
  • See Articles of the Constitution (view source for more notes)
  • Formed by requirement of Florida Authorities, United States, and Foreign Governments: Nation ofArcha
  • Research: Micro-Nation
All life is endowed a right to Environment, life, and liberty (freedom of action, belief, words, ...) that shall not be abridged; until such prosperity agreement is violated by man, and where there is a court to challenge that violation among the actions of man or alien immigration.

(Check b4 final, should be able to govern the self among others with a limited statement and argue in court most American law.)

Perspectives of Arguement in court

Of construction Group Law

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Government of Arch 2020
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