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Happy Thanksgivinig! and Merry Christmas! This year marks the end of year observation for Operation Scarecrow, and its continuation into next year while OSP Volusia begins to get data regarding roof top measurements of airborne sorties containing flight deliverables. I will begin withthe HVAC roster, and will collect samples from roof tops to build a process of inventary management, labs to use, and other methods of dealing with people or paying independant enterprise to collect and send those sample to marley labs (place holder). Like many projects, i hold the names of two corporations (registered indefinitely by policy of state retention. Marleylabs and Quantum bell Inc. (QBI as a holding group for protection of development and assets. A communications Company.) Operation scarecrow began as a confrontation posting the footage of these "chemtrail" flights on youtube, before retaliation began from the war front attempting to hide those assaults, data began getting corrupted, other options were explored, and operation screcrow became the first effort of local airborne resistance. Like scarecrows are used to scare away birds on some farms, became that effort to indicate we see the problem, have filmed the flights, and are resolving how to correct the issue in some public way, or not, also met with electronic efforts while soldiers worked to disarm them. Operation scarecrow is on the internet, and is expected to turn into real world operations this month. This is the next step of the business, and it begins late this month or early next month. A "company" of soldiers or citizen incomes. This portion of OSP Volusia, concerns operation scarecrow addition for evidences tracking weapons uses and further investigating them and other options for using this data in the community. This is possibly the most dangerous section of conflict evaluation, and concerning proofs of war or evidences for trial competiting with foriegn countries anti litigative of other groups protewcting those flights or seeking to avoid liability, flying those planes against my county. This operation is dangerous for the areas it operates, the investigation is using a volvo settlement between the united states and another german contractor as indicators for what polluting the world environment can cost irresponsible companies, winning was stated as 30b for a design flaw in the volvo cars hiding pollution and no plan given from the justice department for how those proceeds would solve the problem; the amounts argued here substantially exceed this figure. "Chemtrails" vs State of Florida is Documenting flights in this county and has exceed several thousand flights recorded and several hundred videos of workers over volsuia county and other counties.This laboratory has several hundred movies and photographs taken by the lab. Sorties exceed more than 600 directly targeting my town and state park promise area and as part of operations and observationn of events. Putting these videos online have persons becoming quick targets of remote weapons programs or operations manipulation requiring special investigations and observations to keep the people safe. Profits from suit would be used to clean or replaced affected roof top airconditioners, restock wildlife and funded scientific interests of ecology or more for protected areas and observations of flock animals also affected by the conflict harmed by chemical weapons dispursement in the skies.

Warning today, tactical espionage unit is in town; 09102020.

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Government of Florida 2020

Establishment of RULE Continuum to
guide administration of Florida.

NATURAL GOVERNMENT (NG) Natural wild lands and ecosystems, seasons, weather, environment, conditions of natural rule by planet or moon settlement, and more. Wildlife equality to rights of man per acre. Earth is billions of years old, and the RULE is older than our star and galaxy, it was present when both were made, including moon and life on earth. The natural rule of the lands as trees, plants, and wildlife has precedence in court before that of use alledge by men. Animal and fauna rights to occupation superced that of men. From this interpetation, the rights of MG are established often in areas like dessert, where no damage to ecosystem is done.
Natural or not natural Governance, conditions of earth and rule interpreted by man for leadership among groups; Survival, townships, cities, and more. (Settlements or spaceships and environment.)

Government of America (NG)
Government among men interpreting habitation according to natural animal and fauna rule for cohabitation. That observation of America before men arrived or became destructive of the garden planet biome.
  • United States (MG) of (NG)
  • Tribal Nation (MG) of (NG)
  • Wildlife Sanctuary (AG) of (NG)
Government of Florida (NG)
Government among men interpreting habitation according to natural animal and fauna rule for cohabitation. That observation of America before men arrived or became destructive of the garden planet biome.
  • State of Florida (MG)
    Government among men interpreting habitation according to natural rule.
  • Indian Tribal (MG)
    Government among men interpreting habitation according to natural rule.
  • Micronations (MG)
  • Foreign Land Holders (MG)
  • Domestic Land Holders (MG)
  • City or Town of (MG)
  • Wildlife Refuge, Natural Land (AG)
    Government among men interpreting habitation according to natural animal and fauna rule.
  • Destructive Habitation (DH)
    Government among men comparable to geologic process like volcano. Destructive almost entirely of environment and natural ecosystem, leaving areas covered by rock or empty when event of mankind or habitation is complete in one area or another.

Natural Governance, conditions of earth and rule interpreted by man for leadership among groups; Survival, townships, cities, and more. (Settlements or spaceships and environment.)
  • Wildlife Refuge, Natural Land (AG)
  • Wildlife Sancuary (AG)
  • Natural Land, Unaltered (AG)
  • Parks and Recreation (AG, MG) of (NG)

Welcome to the Natural RULE.

Divisions of Government of Florida
(requirement to form a new state management, in progress)
  • Agency of Territory; Bereau of Land Management is the active state and federal beruau this agnecy resembles. Activity here might be later placed at those agencies to ensure we achieve projects. (see address for headquarters, and more defensive oportunities for insurgent or other land line and wireless weapons of the conflict.) Managing this division, helps us keep track of areas and other included variables of the confrontation areas including airborne weapons damaging the flock, and vegetation, or affecting man and his pets in one area or another.
    • Territory Maps
    • Michael.Marley@Tomoka (michael.marley agency of territory (at) tomoka.)
  • Agency of Roadways and Trails; Bereau of Motion Assisted by Animal or Machines
    • Register your Vehicle
    • Verify Your Vehicle Registration and License
    • Get a Drivers License
    • Donkeys and Horses need license plates?
  • Agency of Citizenship; Bereau of Intra Territory Groups
    • Apply for Citizenship
    • Declare your citizenship
  • Agency of Cities and Towns; Bereau of Intra Territory Groups and Governmental Citizenships
    • Apply for Citizenship
    • Declare your citizenship
This is used as an interpretation of existing government. To apply the RULE, and measure the governments among men, their technology, and corporations, the reference is being developed. The natural governments have always been, and the natural government of trees and wildlife has been for billions of years, the natural government.

Government of Florida 2020 I am a Citizen

These agencies will eventually equate to real world agencies; this practice develops a government from scratch, and then works to resolve what already exists for transitional mechanism or repairs to systemic problems. These are tentative arguements for agency with comparatvie roles We can manage actively. These are currently being recruited for and developed.

War Fronts, and Safety
Noted, Ley lines are not a threat. Chicken wore, sonic exploration, and other non natural non native items, are a threat. Ley lines are produced naturally and do no need electricity produced by men.

War Fronts, How do I become a combatant, non combatant
  • To become a combatant, or non combatant of the international and southern national conflict, their are some strict guidelines. If you are an individual, it is not recommended. If you are a group, it is not recommended.
  • Begin by photographing geo engineeering or chemtrail planes.
  • create a "Youtube account"for your cellphone camera assigned the war. Once your phone is used to capture this activity, it become part of the conflict.
  • Post 100 or more videos to the internet as part of a channel.
  • Within 30 days, you will a target of media and other remote weapons class.
  • As a group, the same result.

Civil Fronts
  • As a group, the similiar result as tactical espionage; intracate and well trained; is often compared to social enginerering. Coins (lingo) and facebooks (mug sheets) catch social engineers and others. Point to point intelligence (person to person) helps idenitfy the mechanism in between..

Public Appearance
Schedule Items

Ormond Beach, FL: Ponce Inlet, Speech on Airborne and Naval Defense. These speech are on the heels of other public speeches, persons are welcome to attend at any location a public speech is given.
10/15/2020 (dev) The series is Complete for early defense obervations and is stored on the drive. In this series I will be going into depth about the defense of the state, and absentia Federal or State forces, reasoning our legal right and teaching the community how to identify and challenge these issues. These document will be scanned and uploaded and will include coastal defense initiatives and how citizens can contribute to an open defense while identifying contributions of militants using florida state law as a weapon and other forgeign adversaries in the counties.
  • This speech outlines the naval entry points for the harbor, and begins to details the observable problems of shore line defense, by spotters or other workers, and expands to the daytona south shore defense. This island fifty years ago was covered by jungle and oeprated by the native species of the areas, it is now all concrete and misc interconnected sites. The GoA sides with previous habiatation regarding ownership by occupying forces.

Ormond Beach, FL: Tomoka State Park, Speech on Conflcit and Chemical Weapons Fall Out. These speech are on the heels of other public speeches, persons are welcome to attend at any location a public speech is given.
11/15/2020 (dev, Evening) This in development, and will include the details of work for operation scud proof, again, absent a realized national or state defense. This series will idenitfy media outlets, and other weapons uses part of the conflicts in florida, and specifically, those oeprated by state budget, police forces, and more including tracking.
  • !!! Operation Scud Proof: Field Talks, coming soon A few conversation are incuded at the website, their are about 60 strategy and planning talks in the collection online, maybe 40 more in sorted places that are stored, that will be sorted into presentable order by date. The last strategy update, was last night. Today we are filming planes in our skies. 11282020.
  • !!! Reasoning to the public, the need for airborne defense. (Speech, public talk.) I missed this public deadline for the presentation of speech, but like others, i will complete it and post it here.

Ormond Beach, FL: Gods Hill, Speech on Pscyological Weapons Use. These speech are on the heels of other public speeches, persons are welcome to attend at any location a public speech is given.
12/15/2020 (dev, Morning) The month of the year, this talk discusses florda state police and their alliances with europe and the middle east targeting towns and communities with electronic weapons and coersive alliances with organized crime and advancing military occupations including the war of attrition and replacement often called "Covid." Like any series, we discuss how you can verify, validate, particpate, and respond to the need for defense of our territory. This speech comes after the formation of the Government of America and the election of a realized coup president of the united states on december third, twenty twenty; played after the elections tampering disputes of 2016 played the "trump" card using florida tampering as part of intelligence games at strategies challenging florida counties development of the 9112001 and 9102020 cross message pilots and other teams.
  • This is a speech regarding the use of psychological weapons, as arguement among men, for the purposes of name calling, coerscion, or abuse, and within the threshhold of terrorist or other observation of crime, as deployed with reasoning to harm groups of people, families, or individuals is discusses. New media and other conversational interaction, is discussed here as alternatives to media modification as subscribed or not. The detrrance here is the use of weapons program resulting in harm to the individual from exposure, and perhaps subsequent leadership from person unconnected to the events by physcal appearance. This speech is important, several of the multinational corporations using these practices in conjunction with local civil authorities, psychological weapons or practices related to subversion or manipulation as supported by remote systems, are located in nations where the corporations involved participate with their national government, who is bound by agreements in world war two, prohibiting the use of psychological weapons. Some nations, like saudi arabia, and the emirates or audi bin ladin group, have no such treaties prohibiting these uses during war. Russia, United States, Germany, England, and other nations have these agreements in place for deployments part of a weapons program attached to war or conflict among men, as deterrant.

Check out previous speeches dating back to 2018. You can listen to seminars given at the library or on behalf of any of fifty web properties I manage. Check out for a property list, and visit class rooms, to listen to historic conversation on the rule held at volusia library systems.

Government of America and the Government of Florida
  • Is not immediately exclusive, exclusivity forces to State of Florida.
  • Uses prosperity agreements to argue. A recommendation for arguement.
  • <
  • Must be a strong individual or group.
  • Is comparable to natural ecosystem.
  • Is the only place to go when excluded from state or native governments.
  • Can choose arguement.
  • Is permitted self defense, even where other men argue no right during assault, or while pursuing a victim as officers and citizens. The united states Bill of Rights also makes this declaration of rights. In the state of florida, for citizens, that argument might be invalid, that is the bill of rights.
  • The government does not use sickness as an excuse. Meaning our politicians or police will not arbitrarily threaten your freedom with unjust pursuit or momentary allegations, or threaten removal of freedom for arbitray reasons that are not criminal. It is not a crime to get sick, and seeking help from a doctor after becoming sick, is not a reaon to remove freedom or right to self defense.
Both maps are shaped like Florida.

  • Authorities for the Government of Florida as an individual and as a state are established systemically since 1999, by actions of the United States Government employees, State of Florida employees, residents, non-residents, intelligence, and military.
  • Bank, Authority. (currency model oversight)).
    /Coin (
  • Department of Defense (FLDOD,) Authority. (Intelligence of Military Oversight)
    /FLDOD (
  • See Articles of the Constitution (view source for more notes)
  • Formed by requirement of Florida Authorities, United States, and Foreign Governments: Nation ofArcha
  • Research: Micro-Nation

Copyright 2020, Government of Territory, Florida